In Print – The White Deer Story

The white buck shooting goes public

IMG_5411“Advertising” the fact that a herd of white deer lives in the Leland area and is legal to hunt may not be a good idea. On the other hand, what is happening can no longer remain a local “secret.” In the past five years, three white deer (and possibly five) have been shot in the area–all by out of town hunters.

The magnificent white buck that was shot this year was especially beautiful and had a very loyal following of observers and admirers. The fact that one person, with no community ties or interest, could come in and shoot still another white deer was a last straw. Once the story became public it was even more important for people to know what has been happening and to begin action to save the remaining white deer.

Below are various news stories, from both newspapers and websites, about the shooting of the white buck. The story has evoked an enormous public response–it is both hugely interesting and hugely emotional. The story, originally published in the Baraboo News Republic and it’s mother company, Capital Newspapers (Madison Capital Times and Wisconsin State Journal), was picked up by the AP wire service and went “viral.” The same basic story, with very few changes, has appeared in newspapers and websites across the country and even abroad.

Readers beware

In the interest of presenting both sides of a controversial issue, some news articles have portrayed the issue of whether to protect the white deer as equally pro and con. There are definitely people who would shoot a white deer if they could or who are simply indifferent. However, the residents of this area and of the public at large are overwhelmingly in favor of protecting the deer (based on reader responses, Channel 3 news).

Also, several newspapers and websites introduce their story about the white deer with the words “the genetically defected deer,” which effectively dismisses (at the least) and demonizes (at the worst) these beautiful animals. It implies that it is not only okay but maybe necessary to kill these animals and is an unfortunate choice of words. (See the White Deer Q&A page for more information and a rebuttal to this argument.)