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IMG_1360_1From Outdoorlife.com: The mysterious albino deer herd

from Charlie Elk

“Once upon a time I was an opportunist hunter if I came across fowl or beast during an open season I did my best to kill it. Then somewhere along the way it came to me I do not have to kill everything. Perhaps it was during my first white deer encounter but I can’t be sure. While watching the particular small white doe her pink eye shining back at me a feeling of peace and contentment descended around me. With the thought; if I kill this deer I deny another the same experience.
Like many hunters I have numerous mounts which I have always viewed as my feeble attempt at possession of their beauty & wildness, as all hunters come to realize eventually. The mount will trigger pleasant memories of the hunt.(making it well worth effort to get a mount)
But there is a certain sadness in the back reaches of your mind – your possession is never really complete.


From Freerepublic.com

(From Freerepublic.com chat line)
Are white deer inferior?  A reader recounts his observations of the white deer at the Seneca Falls, New York, Army Depot.


“Inbreeding, not good.


Mebbe not.

When I was at Seneca Army Depot, there were lots of trophy-size deer there, all white.

That was the result of the government fencing in the entire reservation many, many years ago.

My memory of the historical facts of the Depot may be a little off, I seem to remember it was around the WWII era or before that they fenced it in…but anyway, it didn’t seem to affect the deer.

I attended several check-station weigh-ins and found all the deer to be in good health, relatively free of disease and very few ticks, fleas, etc.

The herd was also managed – lots of food plots, winter feeding, etc, and hunting was pretty much restricted.

I was on a “I wannabe a wild game biologist kick”, back then.

I got over that, but I still know how to check deer for age, body fat, disease, etc.

I’ve seen much, much worse in so-called “wild” deer herds in AL, GA, FL and MS.

From TheBlaze
A reader comments on the moral issue.

 “Most sports have their unwritten rules. Hunting is no different. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. So in this sense, killing the white deer, when “you’re not supposed to” is in fact a “social” or “moral” issue.

FYI: All large mammals in North America, black bears, moose, deer, bison, have a latent gene for white fur. It is not albinism, rather biologists believe it is a carry over from Ice Ages.”

No name, but obviously from the Leland area.  He speaks for the community. 


“We are a very small community, most farmers don’t allow out of town hunters due to their lack of respect, In my 51yrs untill the last 5 years I had only seen one white deer in the area.  We all realize just how “Rare” these few White deer are. we keep an eye on them and have agreed to not harvest the White Deer.  There are plenty of regular white tails to take.  We wish to leave the special few for our respect of the unusual.  They are beautiful!!   Sprecher Bar has been there for 70 yrs or more, Ms Sprecher’s father owned the bar before she took over.   She speaks for the entire community and should you choose to visit “The Driftless Area” you would then under stand how we feel.  You look at Playboy, we watch Beautiful White Deer.”

From Cruise Addicts
A reader recommends the PBS video on the white deer of Boulder Junction, Wisconsin.  Other readers comment.  http://www.cruise-addicts.com/forums/f26/white-deer-wisconsin-140563/

“I saw this the other day and was blown away by these creatures. I think it would be lovely to watch them in winter! It feels like winter here today so I remembered this and thought I would share. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”