Stories of Leland’s White Deer

A white deer party

IMG_5428In September of 2011, about 25 neighbors gathered at a farmhouse between Plain and Leland to take part in a “White Deer Party.” It was just a fun theme and idea for a get-together, but it was also a chance to share pictures and stories of the white deer. That was the idea behind this page.

Stories of the Leland white deer

What was your first “white deer experience” like? How about your second, or third? Email your stories using the type-in box on the Contact Us page. Add your own chapter to the white deer story.

Note: This page is in progress. Stories are currently being collected and will be added as they come in.

One last pleasure

An elderly woman from town was suffering from a rare and fatal disease. When things were going the worst, she’d get her husband to make an evening drive to Leland to see the white deer. It gave her so much pleasure.

A fish from the sky

I got a call from a friend toward dusk on January 7, 2013. She said seven white deer were on the hillside across from her house. I hopped in my car and drove over there as fast as you can drive on a hilly road with a lot of right angle turns. At first I thought I had missed the deer, but then I saw them on a hillside and there was no missing them–they really stood out!

There were several brown deer mixed in with the white ones. With the dim light and snowless ground, the brown deer were very hard to see; but as the deer moved down the hill and over the snow-covered creek bottom, it was the white deer that disappeared and the brown ones that stood out.

At one point the deer moved single file down the hill, exactly alternating white and brown. It reminded me of the truck driver who said the most amazing thing to happen to him was that a fish dropped from the sky to the road in front of him. I mean, how often do you see things like this? (M. Smith, Leland)

A testament in “passing
Testament may not come from a single experience, but from many; and sometimes after a person’s life instead of during it.  This excerpt is from the obituary of Hazel Boettcher, a long-time Leland area resident, who passed away on April 25, 2013:

“Hazel enjoyed spending time with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She also enjoyed feeding and watching her birds, outside flowers, watching the white deer, reading, crossword puzzles, and having the boys for lunch at deer hunting.”

Another testament to a life with white deer
The obituary of rural Plain resident, Jerome Nachreiner, who passed away on September 22, 2014, lists his passions in life:

“Jerome enjoyed fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, the Milwaukee Brewers, and driving his 4-wheeler in his woods. He loved watching the white deer visit his property every day.”

Now I’m a believer
Jeannie F. was coming home from work one morning:  “I work at Sauk Prairie Hospital, night shift as a CNA.  I was driving the back roads home to Loretta Ridge.  I thought…wow…when did (so-and-so) get a llama.  Well as I came closer I was thrilled to see my first white deer.  I had heard they were in the area but had never seen one.  Exciting and beautiful. 

After being ‘star struck,’ I took my cell phone camera and took a few shots…  Needless to say not a clear shot.  My niece Chris had been riding bike in that area last summer when one jumped out in front of her…she couldn’t believe it. 

Well anyway low and behold…a few days ago coming home from work…I see a brown doe and her two beautiful brown fawns…in the road.  I watched and waited for them…admiring their beauty and grace.  I drive further…and there crossing the road…is a white doe and her two fawns following.  Wow…what a great morning.”