That “White Deer Experience” in Mukwonago

Hearing about a white deer is interesting.  Seeing a photograph or video is terrific.  But actually SEEING a white deer, now that’s an experience!

Reporter Rikki Mitchell had just such an experience recently as she videotaped her quest to find a reported white deer near the small city of Mukwonago about 30 miles southwest of Milwaukee.  The superlatives came flying when Rikki finally saw the deer: 

“Nature is amazing!”  “This is, like, the most exciting day of my life!”  “I’m seriously freaking out right now.” 

As fellow newscasters kidded Rikki on her enthusiasm, Rikki replied, “It really was a majestic sight.  I could not get over this.  I mean, I had seen the pictures, I’d seen video, but I’m telling you, there’s something about seeing it (a white deer) in person that was really, really special.”

Area resident Jessica Jacobi concurred:  “Definitely a very neat thing to see.  Yeah, (once) in a lifetime…”  And Layne Lovell added:  “It looked like snow was walking in the woods.  It was awesome.”  “When you see something like that on TV, or in a picture, or video, it’s one thing, but when you see it in real life, it’s like, ‘Did I really see that?’ “

The May 8 WTMJ Milwaukee news story on Rikki and the white deer was great, but the title, Rare white deer may be roaming around Mukwonago, doesn’t quite do this white deer sighting justice (or validity…may be roaming?), but the reporter’s reaction to actually seeing the white deer more than makes up for it. 

A Denver, CO news site that picked up Rikki’s story had a better title:  “Wisconsin reporter freaks out on Facebook after finding rare white deer.  Her excitement is contagious.”  And indeed it is.

Thanks, Rikki, for your wonderful video and your “unedited” enthusiasm.

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