They Left the Woods a Little Darker

A huge spike in hits on a white deer website can be a good thing or a bad thing, but right after hunting season, it’s usually not a good thing. And that was the case with this year’s season, which ended November 25. After a quiet week, the ink hit the sky when a Channel 27 (WKOW) lead story broke the news.

A white deer was found shot and dead beside a road near New Diggings, a small community southeast of Cuba City. The body was found Sunday and was probably shot over the weekend, the last days of the gun deer season. No more details are known and the incident is under investigation by the DNR.

The white doe was known to many area residents and was “like a local celebrity,” said Andy Droessler.  “Even though we’d seen her…many times, we were still excited about it whenever we’d see her.”

Andy is hoping they find the hunter who shot her.  “Even then, he said, whoever it was left his woods a little darker.”

Three white deer made the news in 2014 in the nearby city of Platteville:  an albino buck was hit on Hwy 151, and two albino fawns hung out on the UW campus (much to the delight of residents and students!). 

The fawns disappeared in the spring of 2015, but if they were bucks they could have just moved 5-7 miles or more to new territory.  It is possible they are related to the new doe that was killed.